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  • - Create an interactive photo sharing contest platform that facilitates viral marketing for products and services
  • - Automate the system so clients can be as hands off as possible
  • - Show statistics to clients to prove ROI

How I created the platform:



We anonymize and strip EXIF data from uploaded customer images before posting to any social networks. Some users are unaware that photos taken on smartphones can contain PII location information, and we don’t want to share it to social networks without the user's knowledge.

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// Strip EXIF to protect customer privacy.
function getExif( $file ) 
$exif = [];
$temp = [];
exec("identify -format %[EXIF:*] $file", $temp);
    foreach ( $temp as $t )
        if ( trim($t) == "" )
        list($key, $value) = explode("=", str_replace("exif:", "", $t));
        $exif[$key] = $value;
return $exif;


Phomio has many applications across different business sectors. In order to provide awesome flexibility to clients, I designed special persistent data on a per user basis.

For example, a pet groomer used Phomio for a Pet photo contest. Each pet was randomly assigned a “signature” paw print image upon approval. If two separate submissions had matching pet names and entry email addresses, the paw print images would be the same for consistency. This all happens behind the scenes so users experience simplicity, but I push to make sure these type of details get included in my products.


pet_name: Misty


pet_name: Misty


pet_name: Jake



What the end user experiences:


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