Complex Simple


  • - Create an on-demand delivery video platform
  • - Enable micropayments to unlock video content via Bitcoin transaction
  • - Design a platform that overcomes the reluctance to pay for video content

How I created the platform:


Data Visualization

Gathering data is one thing, making it useful to the customer, another. Dealing with many combinations of cutting edge technologies, I had to develop new ways to demonstrate mission critical data to users via User Interfaces that are both easy to understand and flexible to their needs.


I designed and helped implement highly sophisticated tracking algorithms. The features of the platform allow users to split payments among multiple contributors or video producers. Bitcoin is based on trustless systems so it's extremely important our transactions are completely transparent and easy to understand for the user.

Viewer Address

WMB Address

Bob Address

Rob Address





Viewer Payment
for Video

Payment to
Creator Account
minus platform fees


0.00083880 BTC 0.00081090 BTC 0.00048654 BTC 0.00032436 BTC

UI & Animation

I created many custom user interface elements and widgets with simple and refined animations that went through many iterations to guide users and keep them informed every step of the way.

User Facing Video rating chart

Real-Time Bitcoin Conversion Rate

Transaction confirmation elements

Starquee rating interface

What the end user experiences:


Awaiting Transaction... check animated green icon
Scan to send $0.19 and Watch Video
This QR code initiates a payment request for Copy to Copy