Creative Services
We leverage technology and design to grow business.
Whatever your goals are, we can get you there.
Adding Value
We are 100% focused on delivering measurable value for our clients.

Whether that means:
  • growing revenue

  • saving money


  • increasing efficiency
we always find ways to add value and we always deliver.

The value of the results you receive from our creative work will be greater than what you pay us, or we won’t take the job.

With strategy, design, and technology, we can achieve any goal.
Check out some of our work below:
App Development
Sales Process Product Demonstration
Controller App
Automated Inventory Overview SmartBoard
Who Gives A Crap, Inc. Connected Health App
CCloud App & Advertisement Management Platform
WMB Split Blockchain Desktop App
Composite Video Production
with Animation
LiveTitles Logo
ShoeCareSupplies Branding Elements
Creative Marketing
Personalized Interactive Promotional
Gift Miniature Product Model
Custom Automated Photo Contest
Marketing Platform Web App
Product Development
Fishing Lure Promotional Mystery Box
Wi-Give A Crap™ IoT Wi-Fi Device Prototype
Portable LiveTitles Captioning
Product Unit
Custom Audio/Visual Product Design and Installation

Logo Design

App Design

Product Design

Creative Marketing


Real stakeholders, real results
Our expertise and efficiency enable us to offer premium services that deliver superior products while saving clients money and increasing their bottom line.

Anything that involves technology and design – we handle it.

Joe Siracuse​

Owner, Founder,
Shoe Care Supplies

"Dan and the team helped us save a ton of money by building custom software for us. They also helped us launch new branded products and reach more customers with marketing campaigns and some tools we use internally which improved our productivity. Our numbers increased by margins beyond anything we could have expected."

Cheryl Thorpe

Cheryl's Pride & Groom

"Dynam helped me increase my revenue by 10% in less than a year with marketing and things that made my business more efficient. Dan put together a plan after taking the time to learn about the details of my business. The results are clear to us. I won't work with anyone else. Nothing comes close to this kind of personal service."

Rev. Michael Dolan


"Dynam built an ambitious, custom product for our venue based on very specific needs. Frankly, it was so high-tech and complex, the plan was to start with something experimental, but the quality of the prototype was so good and user friendly that we put it to use right away. They knocked it out of the park!"

Mary Dzen


"For years Dan and his team have worked on marketing products with me for my business. He is extremely thorough and detail oriented, with the highest standards. That’s important for my business image and they understand that. They go the extra mile. That’s why I love working with them."

John Mason

Duke Mason Productions

"Dan and his team are outstanding. Their creative ability is unsurpassed. I needed some video projects and they’ve elevated the production value more than I even expected. Their advice, expertise, and guidance brought my early ideas to life even beyond what I envisioned."

Thomas Reichert

Tom's Taz Lures, LLC

"We came to Dan and his team with just the goal of selling our products online. They put us on the map. They went above and beyond. They designed marketing campaigns and Apps tailored for our brand and customers. Now we're killing it on Amazon and eBay and funneling customers into our own eCommerce store. They’re a one stop shop. They handle everything!"
We find ways to improve –
that you didn't even know were possible.
No one knows your business better than you.

But our perspective can make all the difference.

Our personalized assessment process will find ways we can creatively use design to better your business with impressive results.
Our Principles
1. We pride ourselves on personal service and completely custom work for each client specific to their needs.

2. We focus on work that adds value. Every project we take on has measurable results.

3. We handle anything and everything related to design and technology. Our experienced team has the capability to design and build anything.

4. We love helping people and it's important to us to make a positive impact on the world through our work.
The Team
Our close-knit, versatile team consists of creative storytellers with deep experience in App Development, Software Development, Product Design, Video Production & Animation, User Experience, Advertising, Branding & Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Automation, Blockchain, Sourcing and Manufacturing OEM Products, and a vast array of domains in the technology and design fields.

Most importantly we know how to execute and combine our collective skills to create seriously unique, one of a kind experiences and high quality products to achieve measurable success.
Dan Martin
Creative Director, Founder
Kris Savoy
Chief Technical Officer
Kayla Ekwall
UX Designer
Tanay Shah
Lead Developer
Chaitali Mehta
Quality Assurance Engineer
About Dynam
We are open, collaborative, and use our collective creativity, skills, experience and executional abilities to create impactful content for all mediums.

We embrace new challenges with a genuine passion for learning, improving, and solving problems as a team.

Being independent, we aren't driven by any ulterior motives or agenda. We don't sell things you don't need. We only deliver the best solution for each job.

We emphasize customer service, a real desire to help others, and making a positive impact on the world through our work above all.

And our standards for quality are incredibly high. Pride in our work is a hallmark of everything we do and we won't put our name on anything but the best.

We'll go the distance for you and your customers.

  • strategize
  • solve problems
  • improve efficiency and productivity
  • increase revenue
  • eliminate headaches
  • reduce risk
  • grow business

    Every time.

    And we love to help!
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